FOSTEr in MED EU project at the Engineering Expo of Beirut

Info Point Administrator states :We were there to spread the word among engineers and fresh graduate professionals about the solutions that PV can offer to the country

Through its Lebanese partner, the Industrial Research Institute, the EU funded project FOSTEr in MED participated in the Engineering Expo of Beirut at the Lebanese University Campus on April 22,23, and 24, in order to share information with students, engineers and experts about the use of innovative solar technology solutions.

It was an opportunity for FOSTEr in MEDs info point administrator, Dr. Elias Kinab, to exchange information with local engineers about the barriers and advantages of solar energy in the actual local context, sharing with them the results of the studies that were achieved by FOSTEr in MEDs experts.

“Engineers, undergraduate and fresh graduates were all particularly interested to learn more about the pilot project were on, involving the first-time use in the country of Building Integrated Photovoltaic on a building.”, said Dr. Elias Kinab, who is the Info Point Administrator of the project. Dr. Kinab also pointed out that fresh graduate professionals mostly interested in learning more about the possibilities of such technology and its feasibility.

The Engineering Expo event was organized by the Faculty of Engineering at the Lebanese University of Lebanon in collaboration with the Islamic Engineering Grouping. The event was created to provide an opportunity for engineers, companies and undergraduate students to learn more about local engineering organizations and companies and the available services on the market. It was largely attended by professionals, fresh graduates and undergraduates.

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