Workshop on Strategies Related to Major Natural Risks and Human Disasters

The Lebanese Industrial Research Institute (IRI), the Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT) and the EU TAIEX instrument have organised on October 15 and 16 an event entitled: Workshop on Strategies Related to Major Natural Risks and Human Disasters.

The event gathered experts from Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France and Lebanon. By sharing their countries experience and knowledge on natural risks (such as earthquakes and their consequences), the science behind those risks, the public measures taken to avoid major fatalities whether related to building regulations or population response to such events, the experts have shed a new light on what needs to be achieved for Lebanon to be ready in the case of Natural Disasters.

Presentations by the experts were complemented with Questions and Answers sessions diving deeper into areas of interest for the attendance. Recommendations are to be issued and disseminated to participants as well as to related official institutions for proper follow- up.

For some of the full presentations provided by the experts at the workshop, please follow the links below:

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